Available for 1/2"(12mm)  through 60"(1525mm) nominal pipe size, all pipe classes and ratings

Widths Available

2" (50mm)

2.75" (70mm)

3.5" (90mm)

For add protection of your flange connection inject our anti corrosion grease into the annular space of the flange using a standard grease gun. This will prevent moisture from corroding the flange face, as well as keep the gasket protected from exposure.

Temperature range is -40F(-40C) to 200F(93C)

Manufactured from 316 Stainless Steel with a closed cell Neoprene Liner, the SSFP is resistant to high salt environments and your cathodic protection integrity is improved.


The RAMCO Sealing Solutions SSFP is designed to prevent corrosion within the flange and "the bridging" of material across cathodically protected flanges.

Ideal for applications in High Salt Environments such as Marine and OFF Shore drilling rigs.

Install the SSFP around a flange that is isolated with a Ramco Sealing Solutions Flange Isolation Gasket Kit for the ultimate protection.